Geek Weekend 2010 Images

Worker Bee
You want me to move WHAT, WHERE!?

Nathaniel cillin' at Geek Central.

Sara taking pictures
I think Sara is taking pictures, or she is watching her dogs on her web cam.

Happy couple
Sara is looking this up on the HR site...

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants Vs. Zombies. We know what makes Rose happy!

What the...
Dennis just got hit by some sort of mutant zombie thing!

Geek Food
Ben eating some good Geek food.

When you are the on with the camera, you have to get your own shots.

Brain phart
Grain phart?

I hope there are going to be more snacks!!

Happy Geek
Part I - Geek central



Dennis again!
Dennis made it to both Part II and Part I.
Hey! Who's drink is that? PUT IT DOWN SLOWLY...

Tatooine Moon Fizz
4 our of 4 Geeks give the Tatooine Moon Fizz a thumbs up!

No computers
Geeks don't always sit in front of a computer.